Gambling in Star Wars Part II

Garth: Did you know you are allowed to have your cat with you at the craps table at Canto Bight? Ken: I’ve never been allowed to do that and believe me I’ve tried. Oh I’ve tried.

Garth: That’s one of the great things about Canto Bight. You have individuals of all shapes and sizes. With cats, without cats, black, white, tall, short. As long as you’ve got credits. Ken: Shuffle real good.

Garth: Ok. Anyway I guess what I wanted to see was something like in 3,000 Miles to Graceland. Ever seen it? It’s in my top 10 casino movies… these guys dress up and try to rob a casino. Ken: Snoke could use an Elvis wig.

Garth: Maybe Luke and Snoke could and should settle their differences at the sabacc table. Ken: Maybe. I’d say the odds of seeing that are 3,720 to 1. Garth: On that subject, this was keeping me up last night. Who do you think would win between Snoke and Luke Skywalker in sabacc? Ken: Depends on who gets the better cards.

Let’s make it 50. Are Jedi mind tricks allowed? Garth: No. Ken: I only ask because if Jedi mind tricks are allowed the Jedi could get rich, rich, rich – at casinos. Casinos are full of weak minded fools.

Garth: The casino staff would catch on to what they’re doing and kick them out. Ken: Would they though? It’s at a discreet corner table, playing heads up like you and me, and the Jedi is very quiet: (quietly) “you will fold your hand” (regular volume) “I will fold my hand” Garth: …It’s suspicious. Bet 150 Anyway, Jedi don’t want to get rich. That’s 100% a dark side move. Sith don’t use mind tricks as often as Jedi.

Probably because they’re too emotional. We saw Kylo Ren, a dark side user, use a mind attack against Poe and also Rey. But Sith are generally too focused on their own energies, passions and emotions. As you can tell from Obi-Wan’s demeanor, it helps to be cool and emotion-free to use mind tricks effectively.

Obi Wan is very even-tempered. And a great Dauist. And he was a good friend.

But back to my question: Luke vs. Snoke at Sabacc. I’m thinking Luke would have a better poker face, being a trained Dauist but that doesn’t necessarily mean he would win. Ken: Luke is honest.

And you have to be a bit deceitful in sabacc. However, the more sad, cynical Luke we see in The Last Jedi might be unreadable enough to pull off some good bluffs. I certainly wouldn’t want to go up against him in sabacc because he’s more or less a wild card. You on the other hand… I can tell you have a terrible hand. Garth: Really? What do I have Ken?

Let’s let the viewer decide. Ken: You’re over 23 and hoping I don’t Alderaan on you. Sitting at about 25, 26. Garth: Well let the viewer decide. I’ll just say, you couldn’t be more wrong. Ken: It’s a low bomb out anyway.

Between 24 and 26. Maybe 27. Garth: Nope. You know, you don’t have to be unreadable to win at sabacc. You say Luke is a wild card and that would give him an advantage over Snoke.

But it often just depends on what cards come your way. How does your strategy match what cards you get. What’s gonna come out of the deck. Ken: 250. Um how am I supposed to know what’s gonna come out of the deck in this hypothetical scenario?

Garth: Who do you think would get better cards OF Luke and Snoke? Ken: It’s random. Garth: It’s random when they play it, yes.

You can take this one. But who hypothetically would get better cards? Ken: Well if I had to pick- it makes no sense to pick – but, Luke, I guess. Garth: I disagree.

I think Snoke would get the better cards, apparently Snoke is – and this is a bit of a spoiler- Snoke is covered, covered, covered in – spoiler – bling. But ya, I think he gets the better cards. But my money’s on Luke winning the game because Snoke’s confidence would get the better of him. You know how when you have amassed a huge stack and you feel untouchable?

We’ve all been there. You start to play fast and loose. That would be his downfall. Thinking he is invincible.

Ken: Yep. Garth: Thinking he could cheat death. Ken: Well betting on what cards they get- if they’re playing fairly, it’s exactly even. It’s completely random.

Garth: I’m not so sure about that. Snoke has a lot of bling. Ken: What? how does if he has bling or not effect what cards he draws? Garth: Well he’s gonna bet all his chips.

The writers would probably want him to bomb out so that the game could have a happy ending. Ken: If anyone would bet all his chips it would be Luke. Garth: Make it 150. Ken: Luke is traditionally the underdog hero with nothing but a hope and a prayer…Fold.

(Garth: 23) Remember the shot that destroyed the first Death Star? The other pilots thought it was impossible. So Luke would be all-in while Snoke would keep reserves. Garth: I don’t think the writers would want that. Snoke is blinged-out and he’s spending his dough.

Ken: What writers?..oh. I forgot- or I didn’t know this scenario was taking place in a written environment. Garth: Of course it’s a written environment. Did you ever see Snoke walking down the street in real life?

How would they exist if it wasn’t for writers? Everything in Star Wars is written. Ken: Not everything. Garth: What isn’t?

Ken: When Han says “I know” before being frozen in carbonite. Not a scripted line. Garth: Yes but if it was scripted, George Lucas would have had him go, “I NOOOOO!” Ken: No, George Lucas would have said have him go, as he’s being lowered into the carbonite, yell out NOOOOOOO!!! Garth: Yeah that’s my joke.

Ken: I just wanted to get in on it. Garth: You’re blind buddy. Ken: Oh sorry. Garth: Han would get bad cards I figure, but he would win by bluffing.

See, gambling has its place at the heart of Star Wars. Being a smuggler is a huge gamble itself. You risk getting caught. But Han plays by sense of feel. The guy doesn’t even want to know the odds.

Wow. Because what’s the point, he’s going off intuition. Ken: Han lives the gambler’s lifestyle. He’s not afraid to take a risk.

Like alderaaning with 17. Or – Garth: I Alderaan at 17 quite often. No shift. Ken: Or taking strangers to Alderaan who need a lift. Being a pilot for hire in a seedy bar in Mos Eisely is certainly risky.

You know how some places frown on droids in their establishments. Your droids..they’ll have to wait outside. We don’t want them here. Is that because they’re against gambling there in those establishments? They don’t want droid dealers, the symbol of Sabacc around reminding the patrons of their bad habit.

Sabacc, it just causes trouble. Bringing in droids gives them the itch. Garth: I haven’t heard that one. I thought because they don’t drink.

Droids don’t drink. They’re bad customers. They just take up space.

Ken: How much is that? 400. (375) What about Bender? Garth: Bender the robot?

You’re telling me you would tell Bender to wait outside? You’d be throwing away a fortune here. Don’t be a fool! Garth: I wouldn’t tell Bender to wait outside.

But at my establishment, gambling would not be illegal. It would be allowed for sure. Ken: Good game. Get your resume into Canto Bight. Garth: me?

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