Risking $100,000 in Las Vegas Part 1

– Yeah, you know, one of the biggest things I see people do is overthinking, right? Like, you gotta just press record, you gotta punch fear in the face, punch perfectionism in the face and press record. At some point, you have to just start. It is, uh, Grow With Video day one, conference doesn’t start for a little while, but, um, we’re gonna do some run through and hope it goes well.

Wow, I haven’t even seen these yet, freaking cool man. Look mom, small town kid, now we’re here. Started from Arlington, Washington and now we’re here in Lucky Nugget casino. Look at these vibes, too, out here. We know how to throw a party, I mean, that’s one of the goals, right?

It’s about the content, it’s about the connections, but it’s also about the experience. – Enter early and with us and – And with you, yeah, teamwork makes the dream work man. Great things don’t happen alone. Like, it’s all here. – The more we can check on the – The last thirty percent is not ready yet (upbeat music) I’m Sean by the way, have we met?

– No, I’m Melinda. – Melinda, registration what are we actually at? – Some people are still coming in, still registering a little bit. – Perfect, got it.

We’re at like 137 not counting whatever so I think we want 150 chairs, which would mean we stack like fifty chairs. And then we’re ready to put more down. So you gotta control the energy of events. A lot of times people will put, you know, too many chairs down and there’s too many gaps and, so you always want to have the right amount of chairs. I learned that from my mentors, I didn’t make that up. Look at that, bro, this is such a vibe.

– You did it Sean! – Not yet, but. We’re out here man, how do you feel? – Good, how you feeling?

– I’m feeling good. This is why I brought Alejandro out, man. That’s why I brought you, I gotta, appreciate that. So, Father we just thank you so much for this day. God, we thank you that we’re all here, that you brought us here safely and we just pray that all the sessions got all the content will just have massive value and Father, we give you all the glory, honor, and praise.

Okay so look man, we got 32 minutes until the session starts, um, we’re feeling pretty good. Just did a run through, I’m gonna change, so let’s go. (background conversation) – How are you doing, good to see you.

Cool alright, do you know how to get to the rooms? No, I haven’t been there yet. We’ve got 30 minutes, I gotta find my room, I gotta change, uh I think this is it, but I don’t know which one it’s in man. This is tight, uh, as in tight, not tight cool, like you used to say, as in tight like we don’t have very much time. Oh my goodness, hey!

A tip for future events, try and get your hotel room right by the elevator so you can just drop right down. I kinda like vibester in the day, a little bit fancier at night. One of the reasons why I actually, I’m changing twice today and one of the reasons why I have a couple of different outfits is because we’re gonna use this event to do content for like the next year.

So, we’ll have different photography, different content, different roll, and so in a lot of ways the cool thing about doing a live event like this is you can, uh, you can record everything and then pump out micro content. That’s also what we’re teaching, right, so Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, conversations, I got mic’d up, that’s why were doing this, cause we’re gonna probably create a thousand pieces of content out of this. Hey, so I know this is a crazy time to be talking about this but, um, Zack didn’t get the PS update of the letter and the letter is held up on the books and so the other thing is if you can steal a moment or so, he’s hitting me up hard. So I let him know we have a live event, but anything that their team should be getting the ball in motion on, we really need to get in motion. Red Rock, I know people have been enjoying the pool, it’s beautiful down there, so our, is that us right there, that’s us right over there.

Well no duh, we walked so far so that’s a sweet spot, I’m glad we picked this spot. You know one of the things about this event was we wanted great content and we wanted great connections, the networking, but also just wanted a world class venue because, you know, it helps you kind of dream bigger. When you get outside of your element, when you just get around people and places that are inspiring, it really levels you up, and that’s happened for me as I’ve gone to different events, so we were very intentional picking out Red Rock because it’s world class and we wanted every detail of our event to be that. The crazy thing is right now the first couple sessions I believe there’s almost four hours of content.

You know one of the crazy things actually about this event, too, is we’ve had of course last minute things happen, including one of our speakers breaking his collar bone in five places and having to get surgery. So unfortunately. Benji Travis, from YouTube secrets video influencers can’t make it, which is totally understandable, you know, his rest and healing is most important, um. We actually had some pretty crazy last minute people join, including a seven figure lady boss business coach who’s gonna be now teaching.

So it’s cool, it’s all working out, thank God, but one of the challenging things is that that was gonna be a co-taught session and, um, now I’m gonna take it solo, which is all good, I feel great about the content, but it’s gonna be a lot of back to back training, and uh, I wanna pace myself. One of the things I learned from Brendan Bershard is taking Q&A breaks, getting people up on their feet to get that energy going, but also giving yourself a second to rest and drink water and pace yourself so you don’t burn all your energy out right up front. Yeah, you know, one of the biggest things I see people do is overthinking, right, like you gotta just press record, you gotta punch fear in the face, punch perfectionism in the face and press record and too many people overthink when it comes to putting out content so you just gotta post it man. You can level up as you go, but way too many people are paralyzed by perfectionism.

World class entrepreneurs, business content creators are coming together to learn how to build a profitable and influential presence online with online video, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, whatever, so I’m excited, let’s see how it goes because we’re getting started right now.  Always content over camera. All of you should do a rant video sometime in the next three to six months that is relevant for your industry. Here we go, session number two! I’m afraid to share my personality because what happens when you do, some people won’t like you.