Risking $100,000 in Las Vegas Part 2

Guess what, a lot of people won’t like you anyways. Here’s the thing, when you do share your personality some people will massively connect with you. You have to pace yourself, a marathon is like a different breathing approach, it’s an entirely different approach to your thinking, your training, and YouTube is absolutely a marathon and not a sprint.

Thank you so much. Small is the new big, man, you wanna start small to get big and so it’s much better than being like I’m a photography expert, it’s better to be a wedding photography expert.  It’s been going good, great feedback from people, just super encouraged and feeling energized. I feel like I’m on adrenaline right now, but I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna sleep good tonight.

How do I best promote, promote entertainment on YouTube and on other social media platforms? – I don’t think YouTube starting from scratch is necessarily the best place to grow as an entertainer. If it’s comedy, if it’s skits, right now, that has a ton of opportunity to grow on both Instagram and Facebook. I think you could start a YouTube channel, I think you could start a Facebook page, but one of the lessons we’re learning here, what we’re talking about is this will take work.

It takes persistence, it takes consistency, it’s like, you gotta put out a lot of bad songs and bad albums before you get to your great album. Nobody usually puts their first album out and just hits the charts, they have a lot of practice but Facebook, Instagram, people can tag each other, things go kind of much more viral there. On YouTube they can, but when you’re at zero subscribers and nobody knows you, it’s a little bit harder to break through and so I would consider other platforms. Man, first part of the day went super well.

We did three workshops and a lot of Q&A, a lot of people have breakthroughs, a lot of, you know, clarity moments. It’s really encouraging, got a lot of good feedback, and then people went to dinner. Now we’re about to do our keynote and have a networking party. It’s gonna be lit, doing Growth Video Live, man. Trying to do it big, trying to add as much value as possible and I’m excited. Once we got started, the nerves fell off.

I’ll tell you what, man, first event, it’s been intense. People in here should probably watch some of our videos from just like three years ago, even just three years ago this like, not even like what it looks like today. Right, we always see someones highlight reel, we don’t really see their blooper reel. And we always see that final product, we don’t actually see that process, but come on, everybody’s got a process. Everybody has to start ugly, everybody has to go through that, and so we kept investing in our brand. This verse, right, from the bible, it says this.

“Let’s not get tired of doing what is good” “because at just the right time” “we’ll reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” One of the things that we can all control in this room is what we’re planting. What kind of harvest you want to reap and then plant in that.

Look, there’s somebody’s kids that could be waiting for you to step out and take a risk. Like, there’s somebody that you maybe could imploy, but because you’re playing small and you’re playing safe, then you’re not gonna be able to impact that person. Are you saying I will be a millionaire in twelve months?

I’m not saying that, what I am saying is that if you do this process, come on, I know that you know that you’ll grow. I know that you know that your income will grow up. I know that you know that you’re business can blow up because that is a process, it’s called doing the work, right and it’s called just being smart, it’s being wise, investing in yourself, investing in the business, investing.

So do the work, don’t quit, don’t stop, punch fear in the face, punch perfectionism in the face, and press record and you can do this. Thank you. (cheering and clapping) You could leave doing it and just teach about it, but if you wanna stay the most lethal and the most legit you gotta stay in it. (upbeat music) You know, I think, the riches are in the niches. You gotta start small to get big. (upbeat music) Day one has been, uh, pretty amazing man, tiring, but incredibly fun, great to hear feedback from the value people are getting and, you know, we’re just getting started.

Tomorrow is, is day two. I’m ready but I’m also excited to get some rest, but actually I gotta do some prep tonight so, you know, even though we’re done, we’re also just getting started. We’re gonna go check in with Brett Johnson. Brett Johnson is gonna be sharing tomorrow at the conference, massive business mentors of mine and, uh, incredible entrepreneurs, and just super grateful for these guys. Hey! Wow, wow!

So look at right here man, scared money don’t make money. That’s a big deal because not only did you say that, but like, and I feel, people here are feeling it, I’m like look man, you gotta play a bigger game and there’s those times where you’re like you’re putting some cheap little plug-in together. Man you gotta invest in some software, you gotta speed up, man. – My favorite quote of yours, this whole event resonated with me when he’s like, oh you made enough money, that’s the most selfish thing you can say and I was like holy, he’s right because the bigger the business the more people you can hire, the more impact, it wasn’t about the things and the money and I was just like, oh then it’s not about you and your own thing, it’s who’s not on your team, who are you not employing, who haven’t you impacted because you chose to play small.

– Yes, scared money don’t make money, but stupid money doesn’t make money either. And so, cause sometimes it’s not just about blind risk – Stop the bleeding, stupid money don’t mean that you gotta stop it. My interpretation of that is like you gotta cut it off, you gotta know when to cut it off.

You gotta know when that’s not working. – I saw his shirt and I was like think media, should I yell over to him that I like his t-shirt and then I see you. – Yeah, how’s it going, Sean. – Freaking awesome, I’m Scott. I watch all your videos, typical fan boy right here.

– Awesome, appreciate it. Nothing like this happens without great mentors or a great team. So we just wrapped up day one and I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed, you know.

Super inspiring and encouraging to see people come and have breakthrough, have unlocks for their business, that next idea, that small tweak on their YouTube channel. And uh, I would love to hear from you what you thought about the behind the scenes, it’s kind of a new format for us.