Willie K to perform at Las Vegas Birthday Bash

PAUL DREWES: He is a multiple nahoku hana hana award winning artist headed to Las Vegas for a special show in Sin City. Willie K joining us this morning to talk about this first ever event featuring, yourself , as well as many other artists. Good morning!

WILLIE K: Aloha. PD: Thanks for coming in. So tell us a little bit about this concert.

How is it different than all, all of your other ones? WK: Well it’s not a concert. It’s actually a birthday party.

Ummm … So what better way to have friends and family over then to tell them to come to Vegas and have a birthday party over there. And um put’em, uh you know, just a get together at the California hotel. You got the hani ali’i coming, Amy Hani Ali’i, we got some friends from Maui, Ali Hanakaoka, and the rest of my crew over there. This is just another reason for a party, that’s just all it is.

PD: So let’s talk to you, you talk about music for this party. So what kind of music are you going to playing, new, old stuff? Uh. Whatever you feel like?

WK: Well you know, um, really bringing Amy along would be doing, you know some of our old favorites for the people and also our latest release that we did at our reunion, a year ago. And um, we got some new cast coming up on up to like Alika Anako, like this kid is amazing. Well this guy… Well he is brother more than a kid. He’s a big boy!

And he’s pretty, he’s pretty talented individual. PD: Excited about this show coming up. Tell folks on where, where, they can get tickets and when it’s going to be taken place. WK: You can get tickets at, you know what I don’t know the answer to that. PD: Okay, you know alright. You know when, you know when the concert is right?

WK: I know when the concert is. October 9th, California Hotel. PD: Alright. WK: Ya, and um, I think for more information you go to Williek.com, ya there you go. PD: Alright.

A good place to direct people to. What song are you going to play for us today? WK: I will do my Moloka’i Woman. PD: Fantastic, we’d love to hear it.

WK: Alright. PD: Thanks a lot! WK: Yeah, you’re welcome. Ready? My Moloka’i Woman Stretched out far on the open land A house is dried up and dreary But she doesn’t mind cause it’s her home She’s my Moloka’i woman She’s my Moloka’i woman She’s my, She’s my, She’s my, Moloka’i woman Everyday she works across the sea Bound for Lahaina town At the end of the day she returns To Moloka’i.

To Moloka’i. And she comes home to her castle Never complain about the day After working hard, she works at home She’s my Moloka’i woman She’s my Moloka’i woman Yeah, yeah Think about her Every night and day Can’t live without her Can’t live without her Every weekend night is a party night Invited everyone from all around From Kaunakakai to Halawa side Everybody from every town. I want to tell everybody about this pretty lady What she always really loves to do She hug and kiss almost everyone She might even be in love with you I’ll comfort you when you’re crying.